Accomplishments breed Progress.

Thus far, I’ve achieved two huge running milestones for myself: a sub 4 hour marathon, and an ultra. It’s hard to determine what’s next when you’ve already achieved what you thought might be impossible.

The vision must get bigger and bolder. What can one do in running when they’ve already hit their goals?

Do it Faster!

Coming off the slower but longer pace of the 50K run, I was pondering another street race. There’s something about flat-out speed that just gets really exciting. The speed bug always comes back!

What Race to do?

After some thought, I’m going to run the Cincinnati Half-Marathon Too!, on October 19th, 2014.

I ran in last year’s Cincy Half Marathon exactly one year ago from this race. Aside from the cold and rainy weather, it was a really good half-marathon starting at Sawyer Point & taking me around downtown Cincinnati.

Cincy Half 2013

Frank Dejulius and I after my 1st Half Marathon!

Believe it or not, last year was my first half-marathon, after 6+ years of running. I’d never gotten around to one of the most popular running distances out there!

It was a well-routed and well-marked course, and I had a great time, even despite the rain. It’s also sponsored by our good friends at Fleet Feet Sports!

All successes aside, there were a couple of issues from my first Half Marathon:

1. Unknown finish time

One of my toughest things to plan for last year was determining a finishing time. I didn’t really know what kind of time I’d be able to achieve. This is always a problem with initial PR’s (“Personal records” – Best time in a specific race length).

Last year I made a good PR of 1:42:20, because it was my first, and therefore best, time. It was pretty good, but for me, I felt like I was unsure of my true limits the whole time.

The main problem with last years race was that I didn’t have a good PLAN for how to run a half-marathon. I’m going to fix that this year.

2. Training schedule woes

I’ve always relied on others’ training schedules to carry me through a race. To me, it was great seeing everything laid out and not really having to think about a plan & just follow what someone else had made.

The problem with relying on someone else was I never did find a half-marathon training program that I liked or even used well.

I’m going to look at this year’s Half Marathon in a whole new way by owning my training.

This year, I’m making my Own training schedule!


Up until now, I’ve always been a follower with running. The 50K I did in June instilled in me that I NEED to start becoming a leader.

I’ve learned a lot over the past years of running, and it will all culminate into this upcoming training plan. I now know my body and personal schedule enough to craft a good plan.

Not only will this give me a tailor-made plan, but it will shift my race preparation into a new realm where I become the owner of my destiny.

I’ll be continuing this story in the next several months leading up to the big day. I’m excited to share this with the Hello Flecks community. I’m going to show how I fit training into an already busy schedule, as well as some success and failure points along the way.

Follow along with me, and I will share information that you can use to fuel your goals, whether they are running-related or otherwise.

I’m really looking forward to this, and I know you’ll find this info to be a great resource for you!