Here are some of our favorite resources for living a life of health and wellness. We don’t recommend anything we don’t use ourselves, so you can feel confident that all of these things are great and up to our standards!

Running Gear


Brooks Ghost 6

Think of shoes as the foundation of success. Like tires on a car, they are the most important gear you’ll need and they’re the only thing that touch the ground when running.

I’ve been fitted for shoes on 2 separate occasions by two different running specialists. On my second trip for fittings, I tried 6 different brands and manufacturers. I still came back to Brooks Ghost. They have a raised front that helps you push off with each step, and I honestly don’t see myself using any other shoe.


Superfeet (Green)

I’ve never used insoles before these, but I had heard great things from our friends at Fleet Feet Sports, a local running store in Cincinnati. While getting fitted for shoes, I tried several different colors, each color’s contour is going to be a little different. I ended up with Green, which was one of the more firmer setups, and it has made a huge difference in the feel of the shoe and my times as well.

Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip

Yes, mine really is pink! Originally, this was for Kristin, but she has since moved on to the Jawbone UP24 Band, which is really cool because it tracks sleep and some other fun stuff. That means I get to use the Fitbit Zip. It’s a very capable activity tracker, and I always feel great when I hit my goal for the day and pass up friends in total steps. I would like to get something more capable in the future, but for now this works out great! Just don’t forget it or let it slip into the washing machine!


iPod Shuffle 4th Gen

After years and years of using phones and armbands, they eventually got to the point where they were getting so heavy and cumbersome to control with a touchscreen (I’d always have to disable my password lock on the phone during races, then it would still be near impossible to skip songs or adjust anything). My arm was getting marks on it from the band, too! I love this little player. The battery is quite good on it, and the physical buttons work & feel great. You can set up playlists to play in order, and  I always end up shuffling my music anyway, so I am never worried about the lack of a screen.


JVC HAEBX5B Sport Clips

As far as cheaper headphones go, these are pretty good. You can find them in a lot of stores in a pinch, which is where I got mine. I had a run and went to Meijer that morning to pick these up. They stay in your ear, sound good not great, and they are under $15.


No More Trouble Zones

There’s a lot of other exercise DVD programs out there, but I’ve found that Jillian Michaels has a certain sense of badass in her that intimidates me still to this day. That’s a good quality when it comes to workout sessions. It’s no nonsense exercise for beginners and advanced alike.

Yoga for Runners

After adding yoga into my workout routine recently, I’ve found it has really been great so far. Not only is it good to get some relaxing time to slow down a little, but it also gives my muscles a chance to recover properly.


Fitness Mat

Reebok Premium Fitness Mat (15mm)

This is where the magic happens! I’ve set up a small workout area in our unfinished basement, and having a thick, high-quality mat is really important in not hurting yourself while exercising.


Here are just a few of my current favorite books. You can get the full list of my recommendations by going to my Goodreads page.

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk


Thank you so much for checking out our tools for success. We want to provide you with the best value out there when it comes to enhancing your life, so if you’d like to see any other items in the Resources section, send us an email! Really. We love to hear from you!