Welcome to the re-imagined Hello, Flecks!

In March, we started this blog project with many ideas. We had a lot to say and wanted to get it all out there for everyone to benefit from. We covered everything that we thought you might want to read about.

In short, we painted with a very broad brush.

The problem with trying to help everyone is that we were not focused. We wanted to cover all topics, yet sometimes we felt like we were saying nothing. It was time to go back to what we know and what we can help others with the most.

If you go back and read both our stories (Kristin’s here, and Ethan’s here) you’ll see that these two posts are really at the heart of what we wanted to share. It tells two great stories about how we weren’t engrained with success, it was a skill that was learned along the way.

This is what we will share with those that are ready for a journey.

We will be focusing on personal health and wellness going forward.

Many of our topics will remain, but the content is directed to start or maintain your success in those areas.

Welcome to the re-imagined site, we think you’ll find it even better than before.

– Ethan & Kristin