When you’re on a diet, you’re going to hit a plateau. It’s inevitable.  You’re going to find yourself unintentionally slipping into old habits. It’s quite easy to slip up, but the good news is, it’s also easy to get back on track!

By following a few simple tips, you can get right back to watching that scale drop instead of staying the same or even going up. They aren’t gimmicks, they aren’t “get skinny quick” tips. They are just helpful tips to get you back on track.


1. Water. Have you been sneaking in a diet soda once a day? Or skimping on your daily intake of water? Beef up your water intake, and you’ll help keep your digestive system running smoothly, plus you’ll stay fuller longer. The Mayo Clinic recommends 13 cups a day for men and 9 cups a day for women.

2. Back To Basics. Do you use a food tracker? Or keep a food journal? Go back to a week where you were successful and stayed on track, and replicate that week.

3. Add veggies to every meal. It’ll keep your calories in check, add some extra fiber to your diet, and help you have one less poor option to choose from.

4. Have a “no cheat” week. If you feel like you may be slipping away from your routine, or sneaking in a treat here and there, try having a no cheat week to whip yourself back into shape!

5. Make a lunch pact. Grab a co-worker, spouse, or friend, and support each other in a “no lunch out” week. Packing your lunch will save you calories AND money!

6. Take a Walk! Getting some exercise, even if it’s just a walk at night, will help boost your weight loss. A daily walk will help you increase your energy levels and your metabolism.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you get over the hump and back on track! Do you have any additional tips for us? Leave them in the comments!