The training groove has set in. I’ve hit a stride where the training is getting easier to fit into the week, and I look forward to preparing for each different session, as opposed to just hopping on the treadmill.

There were some feelings of failure in last week’s training, but Week 3 proved to be very solid.

Let’s break it down for you into useful chunks:

Week 3 Marathon Training Schedule


I got a chance to try out the Yoga for Runners DVD, and it was pretty good! It was full of poses that I don’t think I’ve found in my searches on Youtube, and the program is made by a runner, for runners, which I find comforting and helpful.

I found a great write-up by Jessica from A Little More Each Day. Check out her review, it’s very thorough and informative!

The DVD is broken out into sections, making it easier to digest when pressed for time, like on a Monday night.


I cut back 5 min on the pace run, and that made me feel awesome because I actually made it through the pace run with no breaks! It was also a 9.0 mph pace, which is faster that the minimum.


I used a tougher Jillian Michaels’ video this week, No More Trouble Zones which was almost twice as long as the other workout sessions. I forgot how brutal it can get towards the end, when you just want to stop.

There’s also something about being called a lady by a buff Jillian that makes me feel like I should keep on going strong through the whole workout.


Yasso 800s are still kicking my ass. I still haven’t finished a full round of even 1. I am going to get these tackled one way or another because they are the best thing around for guaranteeing a finish time.

Next week, maybe, when I have the strength gains of doing Wednesday’s strength training session.


Saturday was a great long run, I did not stop the whole way, I used it as a slower run, and I felt great afterward.

I’ve also made a modification to the whole rest of the schedule to have long runs on Saturdays. This seems to work better because I feel a lull that comes in throughout the day, and as the runs get longer, I think Saturdays will be better to find the time for them than Sundays.


Sunday was supposed to act as a recovery run, but Saturday went so well that it became a speed run. I used the treadmill to climb up to 10 degrees incline, and I went through the whole 50 min yoga session afterward.


As you can see, the week of training had a solid mix of a slow run, a fast run, strength and recovery. The balance in the week of working out, the dedication of not missing a run, and the discipline of keeping the diet reigned in is starting to shape a great beginning to a training plan.

Sure, it’s tough carving out time to do all of this almost every day. When I think about skipping a run, I envision the race that’s just weeks away.

I envision being unsure of the preparation and work that’s been put in leading up to that day. I can already see myself there now. Skipping a run won’t be doing me any favors, and so I continue.

Are you doing any training for an upcoming race? I’d love to hear how its going!