workout routine


Getting a good workout doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch of money. You always hear fitness experts saying that getting a workout at home is just as good as heading to the gym and using giant equipment. But how?

I find that using Youtube is a simple solution to working out at home. You can find a variety of workout routines for absolutely free on Youtube. Below is a simple step by step tutorial on how to create a workout “playlist” on Youtube. Follow the black arrows (—>) and blue text below.

STEP 1: search for the video you are looking for. I’m searching for a morning stretch routine. 
youtube step 1

STEP 2: click on the video you want to add to your playlist to open the video. 

youtube step 2

STEP 3: Once in the video, click on “Add To.” You can add to an existing playlist you’ve already made, or type in a new Playlist name and click “Create Playlist.”

youtube step 3

STEP 4: To view all your playlists, click on your icon in the top right corner, and all your playlists will drop down. 

youtube step 4

STEP 5: Click on the playlist you want to see all of the videos you’ve added to that playlist. 

youtube step 5


There you have it! Creating playlists on youtube for workout routines is super simple! Do you have any youtube workouts that you recommend?