We have more choices now than ever before as a society. We can get whatever we want, whenever we want, in any color, size and flavor. That surely includes our food.

Boring Eater

Why not shun all of those choices and go back to basics?

I’ve been eating 2 eggs for breakfast for several years now. It’s become engrained in my body, and I’m happier and more productive when I start the day this way.

I’ve also recently switched to Kale salads exclusively for lunch, and I select between 5-7 common snacks that I will rotate throughout the week.

Being a boring eater for at least one meal will free up your time, give you more clarity with your food choices and simplify your life overall.

Research from the University of Vermont & University of Buffalo has also shown that those who ate the same meal consumed fewer calories by the fifth day of the experiment, so there is some definite health benefits of being boring, too.

Here are 6 reasons for being a boring eater:

1. Grocery visits are faster & cheaper

Because I get the same items at the grocery store, there is a lot less time spent at the grocery, as well as less time preparing a list.

I can do a mental inventory of what is needed for the week and buy only what is needed to refill my inventory, which saves me from wasting a lot of grocery items throughout the week or overspending when I’m not prepared.

2. Food is now nutrients

My body doesn’t care if I eat eggs, turkey or fish, it just knows I’m giving it protein, sodium & cholesterol.

When using the same basic foods, I’m able to gauge my nutrient intake better because I know I’m getting some daily requirements out of the way. I’m not worried if I’m getting the right nutrients because I didn’t grab what sounded good to me at the time.

3. Food tracking is easier

When you eat at least one common meal, it’s easier to use tracking software like MyFitnessPal (affiliate link) to manage your intake. You can input it once and it will save that info for a later time.

I also find that I even do a better job of self-regulating by eating common things.

For example, when I’ve strayed from my meal plan and I know something just doesn’t feel right in my body, I can usually trace it back to what I ate previously & make corrections going forward to get back on track.

4. Less decisions & more time

It takes a long time to figure out what you are going to eat in any given day if you are always making that choice.

When faced with too many choices, we become paralyzed and don’t make any decisions, opening up the chance for someone else (like marketers) to make the choice for us.

This is why there was a restaurant called “I Don’t Care”. (Hats off to the owner(s) of this establishment for having the most clever name in the restaurant business.)

You could use that time and effort spent deciding what to eat doing something better.

5. The special meals are more enjoyable

It’s not like Kristin and I eat the same thing for every meal, day in and day out. We still mix it up in the kitchen and go out to eat.

While my body is used to the same things, I still enjoy a fancy meal that is different. Being boring most of the time makes these meals that much more special when we’re preparing a fancy dinner at home or going out for a steak.

6. Life is no longer centered around meals

When I was fatter, I used to fantasize about where I was going to eat for lunch, and then in the afternoon I would get excited about what to eat for dinner.

An endless cycle of waiting for what food to eat next was not only no fun, but it was wasting my energy. My life was consumed with food and food opportunities.

I used to spend a lot of time planning my life around my meals, now they are an afterthought that give me more time to do better things.

Have you tried getting boring with food? What have you learned in the process?