A Bird’s Perseverance

There are things that we can accomplish in life so incredible that others marvel at.

Last week, I started out with the intent to grill up some chicken breasts when I come across this:

Bird's nest in grillNow I’m not a bird expert, but I would say this is a large nest. It was amazing the amount of work this little bird had accomplished in a short amount of time (I had used the grill about a week prior to this picture).

That bird had been a planner, and she was just doing what she felt was right.

She had a “Why” in place and set out to do whatever it took to make those goals come true.

After coming across this nest and making sure there were no eggs, I cleared out the grill and proceeded to make some chicken for my own family.

I took this bird’s home away. I was the hardship that devastated her world and tore down her dreams.

What did she do in this harrowing situation? I’m not sure if she cursed me and the rest of the world, but she certainly didn’t spend a lot of time complaining about her situation.

She buckled down and got to work again. Maybe she had a new sense of urgency with her goals.

She saw a threat to her dreams & fought for what was important. 

She put the past in the past, moved on, and STILL went on to accomplish great things. She had a reason for not giving up.

Bird's Second Nest

And what do you know, the next week she had defeated me, fair and square.

It’s hard to argue with perseverance like that.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish right now, know that there is always someone out there who wants to cut you down. They want to tell you that you won’t succeed or that your goals aren’t worth the effort. Tell that to this bird.

As much as I wanted my grill, this bird worked harder than me to get it. Look who has the grill now.

You might think you’re not good enough, that there is no point in continuing and that your goal will be impossible. Not True.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”― Henry Ford

What has this bird inspired in you?


Dreams are Good. DO’S are Better!

We’ve had a lot of dreams around here lately. Dreams of what we want our future to look like. Financial dreams are a part of that, but there are so many other dreams as well. What will our lives look like in 10 years? Or in 30 years? Where will we work? How will we enjoy ourselves? Where will we live?

It’s really easy to dream, but sometimes actually DOING something to get you there can be really scary.


I’ve recently had a few different life changes that have forced me to DO rather than just dream. One of the big things was to make the conscious decision to keep my social media aspirations and my current career aspirations together.

Being a blogger AND having a career can lend some interesting thoughts and opinions. For a while I was searching for a social media manager position, and so I amped up my LinkedIn profile and my resume to showcase those skills as well. But we all know that when you are looking for one thing, something totally different presents itself!

That happened to me in the form of an amazing opportunity in my current line of work. But that doesn’t mean that I have to stop reaching for my long-term goals in blogging and marketing and social media. It is one of my loves. And it’s ok to let that be known.

Keeping my “other job” public for all to see, including my new employer, was quite interesting. In my interview, my new boss actually asked me some questions about my blogs. It was a first, but it was fun to boast about them!

The point is, it’s OK to actually DO what you dream of doing. You don’t have to give up one thing because you start another. Working on your hustle, on your goal, on your dream, doesn’t mean you have to quit everything else. It doesn’t mean you have to hide your dreams. Don’t be afraid. Good people, good employees… they are dreamers. They are thinkers. They are DOERS.

So show off a little. What are you really good at? What do you want to be when you grow up? Don’t be afraid to let it shine!

25% Complete?


The year is officially 25% over.

Am I 25% of my way to finishing everything I wanted to? I wish it were that simple.

Remember the New Year’s Resolutions you set for yourself 3 months ago? If you wrote them down, you can go check them, I’ll wait. How are you doing so far? If you didn’t write them out, I hope they are not distant memories by now.

One of my goals was to get more involved in my Photography. Here’s a picture of our buddy Chase I am really happy with from last year:

serious chase

This year, I planned to:

1. Set aside 1 hour per week to further learn the craft and take more pictures

2. Get a tripod and some other necessary gear, and

3. Do 2 or 3 30-Day photo challenges.


Well, I haven’t done any of those things yet. And I am ok with that, it’s not keeping me up at night. Just because I haven’t accomplished what I thought I would by now doesn’t mean I’m giving up, or it won’t happen in the future. I’m focused on some other goals that are more important to me right now.

So often in life, we compare ourselves to others, and we think that we must be at a certain milestone by a certain time, just like them.

Not true.

Life is a series of 30 Day challenges with yourself, and it’s ok if you fall down. You just have to get back up and try again.

What strides have you made in your goals recently that you are proud of?

The Secret to Having Whatever you Want is…

The Secret to Having Whatever You Want

We’ve talked a lot about our successes here.

We talk about living better than before by accomplishing the uncommon and seemingly impossible.

Kristin and I, our lives are wildly different than they used to be just a few years ago. We are now happening to our lives, not the other way around.

We’ve gotten comfortable with pain and delaying gratification.

Don’t think that things like debt repayment and weight loss are pain-free. They are not. It’s really hard to say “no” to fun with friends and family.

It’s really hard to work day in and day out to lose 2 pounds.

It’s really hard to go against the grain of societal norms by living with purpose and intention rather than apathy and excess.

Kristin and I went through some of the most painful and difficult situations of our marriage in the first 12 months. We moved out of a lovely home in a great neighborhood. I started working two jobs. We took Kristin’s brother into our new cramped home. We sold many, many things. Every day was a new physical and mental struggle.

Why did we put ourselves through all of this? Because we both knew what we wanted took hard work. 

We knew that better things awaited us on the other side of all of that.

I love this speech by Eric Thomas. It’s a short 2 minute powerhouse about change. It perfectly represents what it’s like to go through Pain. It was set to video and shot, edited and directed by: Franco Ciola for Elite U. I hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired me.

Work hard, and you can have whatever it is you want.

What is the pain in your life?

What is one thing that you want so much that you’re willing to make a change for?

It starts with You. You are the secret weapon. 

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