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Creating a Workout Routine on Youtube

workout routine


Getting a good workout doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch of money. You always hear fitness experts saying that getting a workout at home is just as good as heading to the gym and using giant equipment. But how?

I find that using Youtube is a simple solution to working out at home. You can find a variety of workout routines for absolutely free on Youtube. Below is a simple step by step tutorial on how to create a workout “playlist” on Youtube. Follow the black arrows (—>) and blue text below.

STEP 1: search for the video you are looking for. I’m searching for a morning stretch routine. 
youtube step 1

STEP 2: click on the video you want to add to your playlist to open the video. 

youtube step 2

STEP 3: Once in the video, click on “Add To.” You can add to an existing playlist you’ve already made, or type in a new Playlist name and click “Create Playlist.”

youtube step 3

STEP 4: To view all your playlists, click on your icon in the top right corner, and all your playlists will drop down. 

youtube step 4

STEP 5: Click on the playlist you want to see all of the videos you’ve added to that playlist. 

youtube step 5


There you have it! Creating playlists on youtube for workout routines is super simple! Do you have any youtube workouts that you recommend?

Dreams are Good. DO’S are Better!

We’ve had a lot of dreams around here lately. Dreams of what we want our future to look like. Financial dreams are a part of that, but there are so many other dreams as well. What will our lives look like in 10 years? Or in 30 years? Where will we work? How will we enjoy ourselves? Where will we live?

It’s really easy to dream, but sometimes actually DOING something to get you there can be really scary.


I’ve recently had a few different life changes that have forced me to DO rather than just dream. One of the big things was to make the conscious decision to keep my social media aspirations and my current career aspirations together.

Being a blogger AND having a career can lend some interesting thoughts and opinions. For a while I was searching for a social media manager position, and so I amped up my LinkedIn profile and my resume to showcase those skills as well. But we all know that when you are looking for one thing, something totally different presents itself!

That happened to me in the form of an amazing opportunity in my current line of work. But that doesn’t mean that I have to stop reaching for my long-term goals in blogging and marketing and social media. It is one of my loves. And it’s ok to let that be known.

Keeping my “other job” public for all to see, including my new employer, was quite interesting. In my interview, my new boss actually asked me some questions about my blogs. It was a first, but it was fun to boast about them!

The point is, it’s OK to actually DO what you dream of doing. You don’t have to give up one thing because you start another. Working on your hustle, on your goal, on your dream, doesn’t mean you have to quit everything else. It doesn’t mean you have to hide your dreams. Don’t be afraid. Good people, good employees… they are dreamers. They are thinkers. They are DOERS.

So show off a little. What are you really good at? What do you want to be when you grow up? Don’t be afraid to let it shine!

Be a Budget Superhero! (In 5 Easy Steps!)



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Sticking to a budget can be really difficult, especially when you’re first starting out. It can be confusing, hard to maintain, and in need of a lot of tweaking as you find out what works for you. Our budget today looks a lot different than it did 4 years ago. 4 years ago, our “budget” was more like a general overview. It wasn’t nearly as planned and purposeful as it is now.


Our journey to being what I lovingly call “Super Budgeters” started 2 years ago. We had just gotten married, and Ethan had just purchased a Lincoln MKZ on a loan. We weren’t what either of us would call “bad” with money. But we were definitely spending, and we weren’t saving. In April of 2012, I read The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey. This put us on a path to pay off over $30,000 in debt in less than two years, including our car and all of our credit card debt. We now only have student loan debt, which we are working through, but at a slower pace.


The Dave Ramsey plan set us in motion to be a lot smarter with our money. I’d like to note that we do not follow Dave Ramsey’s plan to a tee, but we did during the time that we were putting all of our extra money towards debt. Do what works for you. We’ll talk a lot more about the things we did on the Dave Ramsey plan in the posts ahead, but today, I want to focus on the budget. Here are some budget tips that will help you get the ball rolling on your own budget.


1. Open and close EVERY month. Sit down with everyone in your family that spends money and PLAN YOUR MONTH. On the 1st, we sit down, write out our budget, and plan where our money is going. At the end of every month, we sit back down and review what we’ve done.  Every month is different, so don’t skip a month!

2. Put it on PaperPutting things on paper makes them much more real that typing them into a spreadsheet. Ethan had always used an excel spreadsheet to work his budget. I also had my own way. But sitting down and looking at what Ethan had done didn’t make the budget feel real to me, and vice-versa. Do it together, and write it down. When you put it on paper, it’s there forever. There’s no delete key on a bad month when you write it down!

3. Find tools that work for you. We went through a few different types of calendars, and a few different ways of organizing what we did each month. It took us a while to find what worked for us, which was a basic monthly calendar along with a small notebook for making additional notes.

4. Write down your mistakes. There will be months where you feel like you just ruined everything that you planned. It happens. But when you make budgeting a habit, you’ll be better financially prepared for those unplanned times. Writing down where you’ve slipped up will help you be more prepared for next month. You can make adjustments, cut back on things to make up for those “oops” moments, and get yourself right back on track.

5. Budget in FUNWhen we first started budgeting and paying down debt, it was really difficult not to want to put every last penny towards our end goal. Remember that you have to give yourself some fun money, even if it’s just a little. Budget in a date night once a month, or a new outfit. Having a little fun will make your budget a lot easier to accept.


Fighting Infertility With Weight Loss-Kristin’s Story

fighting infertility


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Now that you’ve heard about Ethan’s journey to good health, I’d like to share mine with you, too. My weight loss journey has also been an ongoing process, but just recently started to really take flight. Growing up, I had some medical issues that caused me to gain some weight early on. I saw a nutritionist in the 6th grade, and that helped me lose some weight. I can’t really say that it put me on a path to good health, though, as that was during the time of the “sugar free fat free” craze. So in the 6th grade, I was drinking a lot of diet coke and eating a lot of fat free mayo. Not the most nutritionally sound diet. Nonetheless, through my junior year in high school, I was happy with my body.

prom croppedjunior prom ’99

Around the time of my Junior Year in high school, I started to put on some weight. I remember very clearly the day, senior year, that I went to the doctor and the scale said 150 lbs. I am only 4’11”, so this is a significant number for my body type. Through my first two years of college, I had a bit more weight gain, but nothing too significant. And then, within the span of a year, my best friend, my grandma (who raised me), and my uncle died. I moved back home and food and beer was my nightly routine. I really put on weight. This trend has continued into my 30’s.

a less than flattering photo from our wedding day.

I’ve been through every “diet” out there. I went all organic. I went Paleo. I did shakes. All the “lifestyle changes” that work for other people had virtually no effect at all on me. I was getting fatter, and worst of all, we now had 3 failed fertility treatments under our belt. And my fertility specialist said, “you need to lose weight.” OUCH.

3 months ago I started seeing a nutritionist. It was the first time in a long time that I’d consistently lost weight. It was exactly what I needed. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier? The first 4 weeks of visits with my nutritionist were difficult. I felt like nothing was happening. The loss was too slow. Only a pound? Something HAS to be wrong with me, because this isn’t working either. And my wonderful, amazing nutritionist just laughed. She told me to relax, quit stressing, and just wait. “I’m telling you, this will work. If it doesn’t, I’ll pay YOU!” And she was right. With lots of adjustments and tweaking, we found what’s right for me. I’m now 17 pounds down in 3 months. I see changes happening in my body. I’m actually excited to put on clothes that used to be too small and now fit the way they should. I know this journey will be long, but it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to, in a year from now, having no weight left to lose, and looking like I’ve never looked before. It’s an exciting thought!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.12.46 PM

Besides my nutritionist, I’ve used a few things to aid in my weight loss that have helped me a great deal. I use a Fitbit to help me track my steps, activity, and sleep. It’s a great gauge to help me see how active I’ve been throughout the day. I track everything I eat in MyFitnessPal. This really helps me see how my choices throughout the day effect everything from my hunger to my mood. Another thing that has really helped keep my confidence up in this process is taking side by side pictures. It helps me see my progress, especially when I’m wearing the same outfit! I use Diptic to make these side by side photos. You can also follow along with my journey on Instagram with the hashtag #GetFitWithTheNook.

I have a long way to go, but I’m really proud of my progress. The most amazing part of this weight loss has been my renewed faith in my ability to have a baby.

I hope this post inspires people to believe in themselves. You really can do it! You just have to find what works for you! I’d love to hear any additional advice you have to give me! Feel free to leave your stories and advice in the comments!

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