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That’s Gary Vaynerchuck, co-founder of VaynerMedia, the social media brand consulting agency. As we watched this, we thought about his words and couldn’t believe how spot-on this was. Also, read his latest book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Ethan loved it, here’s his Goodreads review.

As of this writing, 62% of the US mobile phone market consists of smartphones, up 4.5% since the previous quarter.

Apple ranked as the top OEM, with 40.6 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers.

Kristin and I are Apple users, and this is the brand we will focus on in these features.

 Hello, Apps!

We’ll be following Gary’s system for categorizing apps and featuring 3 per post.

The lists will run the gamut in price, but we guarantee that we’ve used all apps that we list here, and we love them enough to recommend them to you.

1. Escapism & Entertainment

Recommended by Ethan

I really dig 8Tracks, especially when running. It skews to a younger crowd, has really long user-generated playlists (some with mashups & mixes) and even the user photos are fun. It hardly ever steers me wrong with recommendations, and it does not have audio commercials.


 screenshots from 8Tracks


2. Information & Utility

Recommended by Ethan

I have a Profound love for Over. The simple premise of adding text and artwork to photos creates boundless possibilities. Check them out on Instagram for some of the amazing works of art being made by the community. If you haven’t noticed, I love creating artwork for the blog with this smile-inducing app.


 screenshots from Over


3. Social (People)

Recommended by Kristin

What started out as a kind of time suck has turned into an awesome resource for me. I love Pinterest because I can keep track of so many different projects at one time. I can spot and save a rug for a room remodel, plan my lunch for the week, and plan my summer wardrobe, all from my phone.


 screenshots from Pinterest

Have you used any of these apps yet? Let us know in the comments!